Here's to what we're good at

Omakase is a trusted technology partner for niche platforms and communities. We strongly believe in close relationships where we co-create with integrity, focus and craft as its core values. How can we help you?

Niche Communities

There are community opportunities in every niche market, brand or city near you. With our experience and unique range of core platform modules, we can craft that specific platform that is tailored to your target audience.

Strategic Thinking

We are experienced strategists with over 20 years of digital industry knowhow. We can think up a beautiful concept, algorithm or a robust digital strategy that will empower your brand or organisation in the connected era.

Platform Production

Whether we talk modern websites or campaigns, business applications, custom web platforms or a corporate international portal: our cross-disciplinary team takes a user-centered approach to shape your online presence.

Branding and Design

We think, rethink and design everything connected to your brand and target audiences. We take care of your face, because we are experts in designing brands, communications, user interfaces, identities and experiences.