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Digital Strategy & Platform

Tailored international website powerhouse

Thermaflex is a sustainable, international key player in insulation solutions. We've assisted them with an extensive digital strategy, custom digital platform development and digital asset creation.

Companies are constantly on the move to differentiate themselves from their competition. In an industry where value is sold by "meters of pipe", how can one demonstrate its technological expertise? 

Omakase advised Thermaflex in a model to evolve from mere product to solution oriented thinking. "Don't tell me how much these meters cost — tell me how much money I can make if I use your products."

Hence, we advised our customer to create a platform focused on "visualizing the invisible". The products may be underground but the profits are made above ground. By demonstrating this expertise in a customer oriented way, we guided Thermaflex prospects to the right solution which was a combination of both product expertise and operational service.

Custom UI/UX design and development

UX/UI Design Graphic & Visual Design Web Development

The relevancy of an international digital platform is not only largely depending on state of the art technology, but also on the motivation and intention of the production company and its stakeholders. Omakase appeared to understand extremely well.

Gerrit-Jan Baars, Chief Inspiration Officer