World Wide Wet

by Goedele Liekens

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Female fantasies, unlocked

What do women fantasise about?

During a brainstorm between Belgium's beloved Goedele Liekens and a female fan on the inner fantasies of women, the concept for a new and promising book was born.

What goes truly in the minds of women when they're excited? And are there any regional differences that can be identified worldwide? How much of our culture has an influence on them? Do surroundings, religion, commercials,... have any effect on what makes women lubricate? Is the quote ‘Once you think black you never go back’ a myth? Are Japanese girls really as crazy in their sexuality as the media wants us to believe? Do eskimo women's loins burn just thinking about firemen? Or are these just cliches, planted in our brains by tabloids?

Omakase co-created a online platform concept where women could share their fantasies online in a safe and anonymous way.

Responsive Design

With a high attention to detail

Omakase created a wonderful worldwide concept, mapping out female sexual fantasies. Female empowerment to liberate our minds and bodies!

Goedele Liekens, Founder